IP does not redirect to domain, domain shows white page

Hi All,

I’ve installed the bitnami discourse marketplace app on Google Cloud Platform.

Everything seems to have worked as planned and I am now at the step where I am trying to assign my domain to the site.

In summary here is what I have done, I have my IP, it’s all set up here:

Now, what I would expect is it to forward to my domain which I’ve configured using the Google Cloud DNS service…

However that’s not happening.

What’s odder, is my domain does resolve to the discourse site, but just to a white page with the bitnami tab on the bottom, very odd.

Is there any trick to this?

Thanks in advance for the help and if I missed any details please just let me know!



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Hi Jake

The official install method is to use the instructions at https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md

A Bitnami install should be supported by whoever created it.


Turning off CSP may help:


First thanks for the response and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, I see your point RE: the bitnami install and this being the discourse site.

But I think this question is actually not related to that aspect of things, so let me rephrase and ask a few more things:

Here is my site, you an see the domain here, thepros.community…as you can see it’s simply a white page.

What’s odd is my DNS configuration is very vanilla, when I’ve done this type of work before usually the IP just forwards to the domain without issue…



Not sure what CSP is, but I see no browser errors, nothing of that nature.

Yes, Discourse can run on a domain:

CSP is described below. It is possibly related to your problem. If so then this topic tells you how to disable it so you can add your sources:

Thanks Remah, interesting will begin readying and check back in with an update!

  • Jake

Sorry, I should have explained.

You are self-hosting so you don’t need the Discourse-hosted instructions. I just included it to show there can be problems using apex domains and you should understand this significant con.

It’s not actually directly relevant to your current issue. But if you are interested in understanding this issue then this blog is good to read

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