Configuring automatic backups

I have read about enabling automatic backups here
Is it possible to configure the time of day the backup runs, how many backups are retained ? I would also like to enable the backup with a script with Discourse is installed. Is there a method to do this e.g. via app.yml settings.

Hi, MSG160 :slight_smile:

You can find all the related information in /admin/site_settings/category/backups.

I don’t understand that part, however. Can you explain it a bit more precisely? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, I missed the time of day field in the admin section. Regarding the scripting, we have a process where we install on-prem Discourse instance via a shell script. This installs Discourse docker and automates some config setting changes before rebuild. Is it possible to setup the appropriate backup settings in the config before rebuild or do this another way via the command line e.g. rake task without manually executing launcher to enter app and update settings

I don’t have enough knowledge on this to help you unfortunately.
You can list all the available rake tasks with rake -AT.

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The best way is to configure backup storage on S3 and configure S3 with environment variables. Configure an S3 compatible object storage provider for uploads is the best description for how it’s done. If you don’t want assets on S3, don’t configure the uploads bucket.

With that in place you can restore a backup from the command line as described at Restore a backup from the command line.

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