Configuring custom private repo of discourse through docker

Hello Discourse devs,

We are trying to deploy discourse for our forum through the official docker installation script. We want to keep a private git repo of discourse code. I am not able to figure out a way in the docker script to point to the private repo. I have changed the git clone url in ./image/base/Dockerfile (line 136), and also in the standalone.yml file. Still instead of picking the private repo, it’s picking the github public repo of discourse. Can you please tell me right approach of doing this?

See, How to source a theme from a private git repository


Oh. That’s such a crazy idea that I didn’t understand the question.

Like Matt said, the right approach is to develop a plugin. If you want it in a private repo, then you can follow my directions above.

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Don’t modify Discourse core, make your changes via a plugin or theme instead.


@pfaffman, @mpalmer We are not going to modify the core of discourse at all. We just want to keep it a fixed stable version which can be pulled by docker. This way, we can decide the frequency of pulling the new updates. This can help us avoid breaking of any plugin in production due to changes in discourse.

Well, You can move to the stable branch of discourse or pin a particular version in your yml file for that purpose instead of making a private repo.