Deploy custom Discourse repository via docker

I made some changes to the original discourse project and pushed them to my personal repository.
Now I would like to use the “discourse_docker” project to deploy to my server.
Of course the “discourse_docker” project will deploy the original “discourse” project and not my own.

How can I link the “discourse_docker” deploy to my repository?


hmm, why not make a plugin instead? what are the core changes that require you to do it this way?

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  • new page for listing all attachments and the source entity
  • add filters to users index page
  • assign posts to a specific user
  • set posts as “closed”

@Lilly is completely right.

You must not block updates coming from upstream (bug fixes, security patches, even new features) so it’s best to apply customisations with a plugin (if you need to modify the back end) or a theme component (if just the front end)

If you start trying to maintain a fork you will soon find it very time consuming.

  • I need to create new features (backend and frontend at the same time) how do I create a plugin for this?
  • How do I avoid to deploy the latest version? I currently deployed the beta5 but I would like to deploy only stable versions.


Start here:

and look at the code of the 100’s of examples in plugin

Thanks, I will try it.

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