Configuring share by email to work in my web browser

I click the button share by email:
It open new tab and url looks like


but nothing happen after that.

That means you’re missing a mailto: url handler.

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I just noticed that Chrome on Win32 opens a new blank tab before handling the mailto: URL and launching my Email client, the empty tab stays open and in focus. Maybe @parenthere expected the new tab to show GMail or a Discourse-specific email form?

Looks like the setting in Chrome is here:

Mine just launches GMail (web) fine when I click mailto: links. But this is 100% a browser config issue.

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It’s funny because the post in the screenshot talks about this car seat (Britax Marathon), which is exactly the one we use for our 3 kids:


I’m not using a website but an old-fashioned email client, so there is nothing for me to change in that dialog because no website registered itself as a protocol handler in my Chrome settings.
Since, in all likelihood, other users who would rather use a program than a website for their emailing needs will experience the same behaviour, is this really a browser config issue?

Yes. eg. Firefox


That’s not the point I tried to make. The way I see it, you changed your browser’s default configuration by using a website as a protocol handler, while the out-of-the-box behaviour would be to ask the operating system. :confused:

So who’s right? I guess I should just get with the times and start using the GMail web app?

Thanks. Probably it is my browser or os issue.

Thank you, I am the forum owner. I like Britax Marathon. I used it too.

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Its interesting. I’d tried to share a post by email, both of my browsers (Chrome and Firefox last versions) are giving a new completely empty browsers windows. (Firefox is opening a new tab and new window at the same time, and both empty!)

My default email program is MS-Office-2016-Outlook, if i right-click on any file in my Win10 system, -> Send-to -> email recipient, it will open an Outlook window.

I’ll try to setup my browsers for that if possible, but the main problem will be at the community user’s side. Many different OS’s, browsers and even the mobile cases! Would be so technical and hard to explain!

Is there is a way for Discourse to check if there is a system default email client(web or local) from Discourse’s share by email button?

I tried to setup Chrome but there is no way to add handler!

But I noticed this default choice, Allow site to ask… Dos this give a chance to Discourse fix the problem?

I did click from the first screenshot of Learn more, and I found the follwings:

Handlers. Chrome allows web services to ask if you’d like to use them to open certain links. For example, certain links can open an email program. If you're using Gmail or Hotmail, this setting lets the site handle links that would otherwise open a program outside your browser.

So we may add it at the user Preferences as a field to let users enter/chose their preferred default method of email client. Could be?

On my machine, Ubuntu 16.04, it opens the default mail program (Evolution), so no problem here.

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