Confirm Password Prompt

When being sent an invite to sign up, users are only asked to enter their password once, and not confirm this, can this be added or enabled so that users can confirm what they are entering?

That’s always the case, even when you create a new account, you’re only asked for password once.

What I think the reason for that is that the process for resetting password is fairly simple, if someone mispelled their password, they can just reset it later.

But I can be wrong.

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Yeah. I hadn’t checked the other ways as we only allow invites. I think there should at least be an option you can enable in the settings to choose whether you want it or not. It’s basic in pretty much every app I have ever used.

Historically, I haven’t seen many forum softwares asking for password confirmation so maybe it has got it’s inheritance from there?

There are plenty of topics about this if you want a good answer. Here’s a quick one.

It’s no longer necessary. Your browser or password manager can remember the password. It’s really convenient to just bang on the keyboard to generate a random password. And it’s a huge drag to have to contrive to enter the same password twice.

It’s easy to reset the password.

The days of typing “password1234” twice are over.


That doesn’t automatically mean it’s a good idea!

@pfaffman is on point here with his response :heart:


But there should still be an option to have it. I have had 5 users out my first 100 have to reset their password straight away due to entering it wrong.

Especially those who use phones, as the saving of passwords in mobile browsers isn’t great still.

And from a personal experience I have typed my password wrong on many occassions, which I realised because of the verification.

I believe that you should be given a choice dependent on what your organisation wants. It’s also been my biggest complaint so far from joining users.

You can probably do that with a plugin of sorts but this can never be a core feature given that it just adds one extra unnecessary step.

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Making many people suffer all the time due to a few people’s oddball needs … is not good UI design.


Can anyone provide any pointers on how a plugin could do this then? Or how to develop one. Is their any documentation for how to make one?

I still think having it optional in the settings would be better. That way you can choose.

I think you’ve already spent more time on this than the users who needed to reset their passwords.

That’s usually a good yardstick on whether something needs building too.