When resetting password, ask user to confirm


Discourse should always ask people to retype their password just to make sure they didint mistype it, especially when they are restting their password because its stupid for a user to have reset the password again just because they mistyped it. Also, if possible, it should display an icon when capslock is on.


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Why? I am not sure what value it adds. If you muck up you can always reset your password again.

Capslock notice already exists, try it yourself… we do not believe re typing adds any value.

Are you running mac? I think capslock notice only shows up for macs.

Nope, this is in Windows

Just tried resetting my password with capslock on, and I didnt see the error.

The caps lock notice is only shown on the login form. It’s missing when you reset your password.
I guess it should be added there too…

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This is specific to login and new account creation. @techapj maybe you could look at adding this to password reset?


Okay, implemented via



Hi there!

I would like passwords to be confirmed, but for a very different reason.

We ask users to sign up for our forum and get approved by us before using it. We have added a text field to ask for their account name so we know who they are.

When initially signing up, the form asks for a password but it doesn’t ask users to confirm the password. While I agree this might be an unnecessary extra step, people are kind of used to it being there. We often have folks entering their password into the text field. My staff ends up rejecting users and seeing personal passwords. When this happens, we email the user to let them know. However, it happens enough for me to hope for a change.

I’d love to either put my text field above the password field or to add a password confirmation field.

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