Confusing reviewing queue request


Usually, I don’t have any problem with the review queue: it works very well to flag spam, and sometimes I need to approve manually a first poster, but this is fine.

However, today a user was flagged and the review queue asked me to review all of their posts. The first two posts were nonsensical to me: a link to a Wikipedia article and a picture of a unicorn. It was only after messaging the user that I finally realized that these nonsensical posts were private messages to @discobot, and were thus perfectly legitimate posts.

I think that private messages should never be automatically flagged and they should be shown to moderator only if they were flagged by the recipient. But at the very least, when Discourse decides that all posts by a user should be reviewed, it should not include private messages, especially those to @discobot!


Do you know what the reason for the posts being flagged was (off-topic, inappropriate, spam)?

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Sorry, I missed that reply. The reason was that it was typed too fast (copy-paste announcement from another source). This is a relatively frequent source of flagging which generally gives false positives, but I haven’t disabled this check yet.

If I’m understanding this correctly, a user was flagged for typing too fast (copying and pasting into the composer) when going through the new user tutorial. I’m not sure what we expect to happen for that case, but I’ll have a look at it and see if I can reproduce the issue.

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