Connect 2 topics

Happy Sunday,
If two forum topics are related but not similar enough to merge, is there an official or recommended method to connect the two?

Other than making a comment at the end of each topic and linking to each?

I know when topics are split, there leaves a public trail that visitors can click to follow the related topic that was split. So basically looking for the same, but the reverse; 2 related topics that are not similar enough to merge but useful if connected/linked.



If you post a link to another post then a link to the post where the link was posted will automatically appear below the linked post. As you can see here, where there’s a link below your post to the post where you shared a link with me to this post.

…geez that was a mouthful. In short: just link to one topic from the other :wink:

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Now that is cool! Its all those little details that make Discourse such a complete solution. Thanks.