Connect Multiple WP Sites To 1 Discourse Installation?

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Hi there;

I was wondering if it was possible to connect multiple Wordpress installations (SSO) with 1 Discourse install? The reason I’m asking is that there are a lot of smaller private groups in my community and I want to offer them the ability to have their own private Category that nobody else (except registered users from that WP site) can see. The majority of these people run wordpress installations so hopefully integrating with WP would be the easiest route. Has anyone done is? Is that possible? When users are added in WP, also add them in Discourse in x Group?


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(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes, provided each WP site has its own distinct category in the Discourse instance. This is configurable within the WP-Discourse WordPress plugin settings.

(Adam Nolan) #3

Thanks @codinghorror :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear it’s a least possible.

I’m fairly familiar with installing WP plugins (both through the WP installer and through FTP) but this looks very foreign to me. From my understanding this is a Wordpress plugin, correct? Not a Discourse plugin?

Is it related to this at all: PrimeTime WordPress + Discourse SSO — WordPress Plugins? (I managed to get that installed but can’t see how I can tie certain WP installs to certain distinct categories on discourse).

Is there any other documentation on an installation procedure?

Thanks for your help.

(Kane York) #4

SSO requires a single source of authority, you can’t combine that with multiple WordPress sites. Best to not use SSO.

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Ugh oh…

@codinghorror - I tried to set this up last night based off the details provided on that site and now none of my users can log in! Nothing happens when they click the login button. Can you please help? My community can’t access their site now.

I found this thread about how to fix it: Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)

But I don’t have a CLUE about what to do. I’m worried about SSHing into a live server with content on it.

I’m supposed to be demoing this in 3 hours to someone who is interested in investing in the community so I’m in panic mode now.

I can do the SSO setup later - I just need the forum to work now.

Help… please. :slight_smile:


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(Adam Nolan) #6

Ok… thankfully my designer was still logged in and able to fix it.

Now back to the issue at hand.

@codinghorror, @riking, how would you suggest I go about getting something created that CAN do what I want?

In a nutshell, I’d like to be able to:

  1. Create a private category on my forum for community owner x
  2. Community owner x installs plugin on his wordpress site.
  3. Whenever a user is created in community owner x’s site, they get access to the private forum on my discourse install.

How difficult do you think it would be to get that done?


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(Adam Capriola) #7

I don’t think this is possible because you can only set one sso url. There is no way to differentiate which site each user is coming from so then you wouldn’t have a way to automatically give them access to that private category.

There are also probably potential issues with duplicate emails and external ids.

(Adam Nolan) #8

Would it be possible to hire a dev to do some custom work on the discourse install and make it possible? I mean… possible is only limited by budget, right? :slight_smile: I’m just wondering what kind of scope I’m looking at here.

Thanks a bunch by the way!


(Mittineague) #9

It might very well be.

But with over 7K files and ~200 gems to look into it sounds like an awful big task for someone from the outside to tackle. Especially when a dev involved with the app says

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you meant have multiple Wordpress sites posting data (topics) to the same Discourse instance, not SSO.

(Adam Nolan) #11

Nope :slight_smile: No problem @codinghorror . All is well and I’ve learned my lesson to never muck around with a live site!

Although I’m running into a new problem. Even with almost 4 gigs of ram, my site is still crawling when I get more than 100 people on it at a time. But… I’ll need to customize the install later. So unfortunatley it rules out hosting and

The search continues. I think I’ll go post an ad on elance for help unless anyone is looking for a new project to adopt. :smile:


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(Jeff Atwood) #12

With 4GB, make sure you have increased the ram allocation for the DB in your app.yml, there are comments in the appropriate area.

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(Simon Cossar) #14

This can be done using the WP Discourse plugin with a multisite WordPress setup. It works because on WordPress multisite all the sites share a single users table.

This may be possible, but would require some custom code to add users to the appropriate groups on Discourse.

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