WP discourse - One wordpress multiple discourse instances

Hello everyone,

I have one wordpress blog and I’m using the wmpl plugin to i18n it (9 countries)

I also have 9 isolated and independent discourse forums, one per country.

Is there a way I can use the plugin WP Discourse to connect my blog with the 9 discourse instances?

Thank you so much.

Hey @jacin, the WP Discourse plugin does not currently support connections with multiple discourse instances from a single wordpress instance.

Your solution will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish:

  • Publishing WP content from one blog to multiple discourse instances?
  • Allowing users on your discourse instances to login with their WP account?
  • Both?

Seperately, are each of the 9 isolated forums currently active? Have you considered making them a single forum with different categories for different language groups?

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Thank you so much @angus , I’m looking to publish WP content from one blog (with multiple languages) to multiple discourse instances. As this is something the WP discourse plugin doesn’t handle I decided not to continue with this approach.

Regarding your question abut the 9 communities, we are a company about HR and the regulations, laws and most stuff is different per country.

Thank you so much.

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