WP + Discourse Multisite Work Around?

To achieve the function and apperance of WordPress SSO for Discourse Multisite, I thought to “suppress” the WP Login Completely, substituting the Discourse Login as the only means of access.

I want to retain the cosmetic appearance and function of registered memberships logging into the WP Public Facing Landing Page vis vis Facebook-style firewall.

Can I create an additional menu and hamburger element listing the multisite the Member has access to?

Can a set of super groups be created that grant full or limited access with granularity to selected Discourse sites within the multisite complex. Sites without access would not be visible.

Can this schema and ontology work, has anyone tried it?

If my proposal is feasable, can I get recomendations from those visiting and responding, for developers with the eeded skillset and experience to complete this projekt?

Is this something I need to ask the Founders to help with?

I realize this a a considerable undertaking, so of course I’m not suggesting this as a pro bono.

Hope to hear from yo soon and thanks :love_you_gesture:t5:,


Then you might move this to #marketplace and suggest a budget.

I don’t quite understand, though. You want Discourse to be the SSO master and some WordPresses to authenticate against it. That’s easy enough. And then you want the hamburget menu to know which WordPress to link to depending on a WordPress group?

Do you need Discourse and WordPress installed, or just configured?

Well moving this to market would only follow after due diligence. I posted here to discuss it’s feasibility and any concerns I may not be aware of. I have a WP + Discourse Single instance running.

Originally the idea was to have WP authenticate for the combination. Bust after considerable study I realised a single WordPress instant is all I need combined with a Discourse Multisite Installation.

The documentation for Discourse Multisite says it isn’t designed for WordPress as the Primary. That one Discourse forum can authenticate WordPress and all the other forums in the Multisite configuration.

Is this what you are wanting to do?

Connect multiple Discourse forums to a single WordPress site and authenticate the users for the WordPress site through the Discourse forums (use Discourse as the SSO provider for WordPress.)

If so, I think this is doable. It can’t be done out of the box with the WP Discourse plugin. The change that needs to be made for it to work is that when the user’s Discourse ID is saved on WordPress, the ID needs to be associated with the forum it was derived from (because user ids are not unique across multiple Discourse forums.) Getting this information might require making a small Discourse plugin. Saving it on WordPress would require a small customization to the WP Discourse code. The other change that would need to occur is that email addresses on the WordPress site would need to be set so that they could only be edited through Discourse. This is to deal with the case where one user has accounts on multiple forums in the network - it would make it possible to reliably match users on WordPress by their email address.

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Yes, sounds like we are on the same page. This is meant to have a Paywall, with a questionnaire/registration landing page.

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I should say, this isn’t something I’ve tried, but I’ve spent some time thinking through it. To actually test it, I need to have a few Discourse forums to test against. My main concern with this setup is getting the authentication process working correctly.

If you would also like to be able to publish posts from a single WordPress site to multiple Discourse forums, it gets a little more complex, but I think it’s a solvable problem.

WordPress will be a public facing, freemium-based, subscriber model, long format, Investigative News Journal of ArtScience.

Each cooperative has a Discourse “Investigative Reporting” group. There is intended to be a syndicated news ticker that each multisite receives timely bulletins with, similar to the WordPress plugin banner used here :point_right:t5: (link) @GAND.net.

Only paid subscribers may comment, and those are only visible to other registered members.

I haven’t found an Open Source WP theme development platform as feature rich out of the box as the two I’ve whittled my list down to. If you would, please take peek at them.

Should they call to mind an open source project that is comparable, I would prefer to donate my cash to them on a regular basis.

I am looking for a developer willing to engage in an SLA Service Level Agreement), ie a contract setting boundaries and expectations, and in our corporate culture, compensation via subscription relationship.

The two WordPress themes under consideration for the one public facing instance are:
Sahifa Responsive News for $59 @themeforest.net, author’s demo site @tielabs.com
W office Intranet/Extranet for $75 @themeforest.net, demo site @alka-web.com

Thank you so much for being receptive and thoughtful @simon :+1:t5: