Connection is timing out


When I tried making an instance on AWS and connected it all correctly, my instance is timing out, not allowing me to connect to it.

The website is, and the server claims it’s running.


What did you do to make the server available externally? Did discourse-setup do the connectivity check, or did you bypass it?

I’m running the public IP through Cloudflare to access through the domain, and yes it passed.

So you set up specific access rules for 80 and 443?

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No, was never made aware on how to do that. I just have an A record pointing to the server’s IP.

So what happens if you switch it to “DNS only”? Does it start working then?

When I was doing that I was getting my browser’s “Connection Timed Out” screen.

Have you configured the EC2 instance security group in order to allow ingress traffic on the ports 80/443?

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I believe I have

Yeah, it’s definitely connecting, because when I went to rebuild it says the server is down which si correct, but when it goes it it just times out.

That just means Cloudflare can’t contact an upstream server. Turn off the orange cloud.

I was able to get it working, I just had to make another instance, then use HTTP.

That shouldn’t be necessary.

Did you try to build the instance more than once prior to fixing the access rules? If so it’s possible Let’s Encrypt put your hostname on a seven day cooldown.