Consequences of editing post containing poll

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What is it that triggers the clearing of a poll?

Is it just editing the [poll] tags and anything between them?

Or would editing any other part of a post that contains a poll also clear the poll?

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I think that it’s pretty dumb that all votes get completely wiped every time I edit a post. I get that it’s dangerous to let people edit options and keep it, but if I add, remove, or edit the poll it shouldn’t completely wipe it.


Do you mean that editing the post (even without editing the poll) clears the poll?

If so, I suppose the answer is to have nothing but the poll in the original post and have any further comments in a second post.

It’s only editing the poll itself that resets the votes. You also only have a 5 minute window to edit without it telling you you can’t any more. After that time you’d need to rename it to put a ‘new’ one in (which would also reset the votes).

You can edit any text above/below and it will have no effect on the votes. :+1:


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