Why can't polls be removed after 5 minutes of being posted?

(Drew) #1

Polls can’t be edited or removed after 5 minutes of being posted. I can understand not being able to edit them as a user because if you have a poll that reflects 90% of votes wanting to do A and only 10% wanting to do B, you can edit the titles of the options and fudge the results to appear as 90% for B and 10% for A. But removing a poll? That removes all the votes and you’d have to start from scratch if you added another poll.

I don’t see how removing a poll could be abused. Am I missing something? Why can’t polls be removed completely after 5 minutes of being posted?

(Daniela) #2

There is another topic about this request. Take a look here:

(Drew) #3

That’s a different request concerning moderators being able to alter polls. This topic is asking why polls can’t be removed (not altered) by users – moderator or not.

(Daniela) #4

Imho it isn’t a great idea let the users (you mean the creator of the poll?) remove polls.

It’s a bad behavior for the same reasons you posted yet:

The same thing happens if the creator don’t like the results. He/she can simply remove it.

I would prefer that only moderators and administrators manage polls.
But it’s only an opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

(Drew) #5

If someone makes a poll to prove something, and then they remove it when it doesn’t go in their favor, then they still don’t have the proof they wanted. Yeah they could do that, but are we so conceited that we’d sacrifice usability of polls for “proving” we won a testosterone-filled shouting match? I wanted to remove a poll and replace it with one that had more detailed options, but I couldn’t. Discourse is all about being a civilized place for discussion – if we were to weigh priorities based on that, poll usability would scale higher than rewarding members for arguing.