Consolidating polls in one post

The poll function is great and we have numerous polls scattered across our site.

Is it possible to consolidate the polls all onto one page?

Tags make them easier to find, but a view that shows them all would be super helpful.

I suppose the ability to pull in an existing poll to other posts is what I am trying to get at and may also have other uses.


I could see us adding a ninja search feature for in:polls which would allow you to quickly find them. In the mean time you can find them with the data explorer plugin.


My concern is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to display a query from the data explorer plugin (or I at least can’t find a way to do so).

As in embed it? you would export to a csv and then you can paste a csv into a post if that is what you want to do.

Something more dynamic, as the poll results are changing.

Ideal world for my use case would be a list of polls on the site with present rating appearing as the ability to compare results across polls is of value.

I actually stuck all my polls in a single, dedicated, ‘User Polls’ Category! :slight_smile:

Dead easy to find then! Also encourages people to contribute to the remainder.

May not suit your site structure … but works for mine.