Content of Digests

We are reliant on the email digests to bring people back to our small forum. Digests however are going out without any mention of new posts in existing topics (which may only be one post). It is clear that people are missing out on some of what is happening.

How can we get these new posts to show in the digests?

We are reluctant to default to a notification for each new post.


There is no way to do this at the current time. Sorry.

I note from an earlier topic that:

How are the popular new posts selected? likes? views?

I’m wondering, given the small size of our forum, whether we can find a workaround.

Ideally though it would be great if we could include [quote=“hrishikesh, post:1, topic:11972”]
updated topics also in an email digest, if total topics (new) in an email are say less than 10.
[/quote] In our forum It would increase participation and create more of a community feel.

@techapj can you document here the exact logic used for selecting popular posts? I suppose those could be selected if they are new, and if they are not from a trust level 0 user?


It is worth noting that updated topics are often more engaging for our members than the new topics that are currently appearing in the digests.

Okay, so the popular topics for digests are extracted from /top topics. Keeping in mind:

  • user permissions to view that topic
  • topic notification level (topic shouldn’t be muted for that user)
  • user who created that topic must have trust level greater than 0 (should not be a new user)
  • topic must be created after the user was last emailed (or last seen on forums if the last emailed date for user is not present)
  • topic should not be from muted category
  • topic should not be closed
  • topic should not be archived

Yes, as long as that topic meets above conditions.


The Activity Summary emails have changed since this request was first made, and include not just recent ‘top’ topics but also popular posts

More information on the Activity Summary emails, the more appropriate name for digests, can be found in this guide here: