Convert existing votes to likes?

Our little forum ended up launching while I was away on unplanned leave and due to, let’s say, a miscommunication, voting was enabled on multiple categories (such as General Discussion) at launch.

Having returned from leave to find voting in places where there should not be voting, I would like to fix this. We have one category where the voting plugin is very important to our use case, and now we have topics in other categories that can’t be shown any love without taking up users’ limited votes.

However we are a niche community and I’d rather not damage users’ sense of engagement by suddenly wiping all the votes on their topics and leaving them with zero likes. Is there a way to convert existing topic votes to likes when removing voting from a category?

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I think that the answer is yes, you can do it from the console (if you have access to the console), but probably no one knows offhand how to explain it.

I’m not sure whether votes are in their own table or are custom fields. You’d need to look at the plugin code to see how votes are stored.

You’d loop through those things, add a like, and delete the vote. (This information is likely either self-evident or too vague to be useful.)


Thanks Jay, that’s at least encouraging. I’ll have a chat to our provider that’s hosting and did our install. We may just have to wear the mistake and ‘lose’ the engagement if it’s going to noticeably bite into our support hours to do, but it sounds like it’s a) not something I can do myself and b) not necessarily a lost cause.

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