Bug? Can't undo a vote in a non-voting category

For some reason I’ve got a non-voting topic listed in my votes over on the Ghost forum (the fourth “vote” in the image below). It’s possible that the topic used to be a voting topic and got switched away from being so (I don’t recall), which is why I have a vote for it. Either way, I can’t undo my (supposed) vote for it because it can’t be voted for. Am I missing something, or is this in fact a bug?


My guess is that this topic was moved around, @david recently fixed some issues here.

Can you flag your topic and ask moderators on ghost to flick the category back to Ideas and then back again to Themes? In theory this will clean up the issue.

If this persists let us know here and we can help investigate.


Encountering something similar here: Observations shared between users - Feature Requests - iNaturalist Community Forum It was in our Feature Requests category and had 22 votes, and I moved to to General, a non-voting category. No votes were returned to anyone, as far as I can tell. Tried closing and unclosing the topic while it was in General but that didn’t work, and I also moved it back to Feature Requests then back to General but no dice.

@tiwane when you move/close a topic, the votes are still stored in the database. How dd you determine whether the votes had been returned?

@stromfeldt did you manage to resolve the issue you were seeing on the Ghost forum?


By looking at the users’ profiles and going to the Votes section of their activity tab. EG, I just moved a topic from Feature Requests to General ('Pronunciation' feature for taxonomic names - General - iNaturalist Community Forum) but the two users who originally voted for it still have it on their profile, eg Profile - agnes_clamfanger - iNaturalist Community Forum

A few improvements have been applied to the voting plugin recently, the most recent of which is


That should resolve the “can’t undo” votes issue for topics in non-voting categories


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Sorry for my tardiness in getting back to this, but I just noticed that my vote in a non-voting category still exists (which I thought had disappeared, but I could be wrong):

Might there be something that an admin on the the Ghost forum would need to do to rectify this, and/or might it possibly be because they need to update the plugin?

Thanks again.

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