Converted topic posts to message can not convert back to topic

This seeming bug, was the result of a user fat finger error while splitting a topic.

Some post were made a New Message instead of a New Topic.

  • *Note: this is not the firs time new message has been chosen in error instead of new topic, suggestions you use colour or position to differentiate the options to avoid fat finger outcomes.

It’s only a few posts, but there is now no option to convert them back to a topic, anywhere that I can find. I can not select and move them to a new topic.

It’s only allowing message/new message.

I think you would have to ‘Make Public Topic’ from the Topic Wrench (and then ‘Select Posts → Move to’ if you wanted to attach them to another public topic). That should achieve what you’re looking for. :+1:

Looking at the UI, there is quite a bit of difference between ‘New Topic’, ‘Existing Topic’ and ‘New Message’ already?


Not there, no option to “convert…”

Possible bug.

Ran the latest rebuild earlier today. Just can’t see that option.

Make Public Topic is in the the topic wrench for a PM conversation:

Once selected it pops up this dialog:

From there you can select posts as normal and move them into a different topic. I would suggest using a category that isn’t visible to everyone so as to not create any additional confusion.

So as I outlined previously, nope, it’s not there.


I know I used this feature in the past to correct a previous identical fat finger mistake, split post > new message instead of split post > new topic.

Even selecting posts, there is no further option to move to a topic, only a message.

I don’t know if this is a weird bug now or some arcane setting in admin that I changed without me knowing or noticing or unnderstadning the consequences.

And that applies to every PM conversation in your inbox?

Yip, looks like it alright, sampled a few older PM’s, it’s not there.

I’ve been having a poke around, but nothing has jumped out at me so far. :thinking: Does it appear in safe mode?