Correct method for updating category group permission level via API


  1. We are creating a group via API, for instance, SAMPLE-CATEGORY-001
  2. We are creating a category via API, category SAMPLE-CATEGORY-001
  3. We are trying to make the category tied to the group permission upon creation

When referencing:

I see "“group_permissions” array declared, and the permissions param which seems to be null on all my live categories.

"****&api_username=*****&name=SAMPLE-CATEGORY-001&color=fff&text_color=295288&group_permissions={"permission_type": 1, "group_name": "SAMPLE-CATEGORY-001"}"1, "group_name": "SAMPLE-CATEGORY-001"}"

What is the correct syntax to update the category with the group permissions?

Any help would be appreciated, as we are trying to create an automatic process for our users.



any devs with the answer PM me, I’m looking to hire some part-time dev work for specific items purely related to discourse development.


Do the same thing in Discourse and look at your browser’s console network tab to see how the request is made.