CORS error when trying to load custom font

I’m trying to make use of a special font in one of my theme components. I’ve followed the instructions in this post:

Here’s the CSS in my component:

@font-face {
  font-family: 'northwood';
  font-style: regular;
  src: url($northwoodhigh) format('woff2');

.category-list tbody .category h3 a[href] {
	color: #ccc;
	font-family: 'northwood', cursive;
	font-size: 135%;
	word-spacing: 3px;

I’ve added my Cloudfront URL to the CORS setting like so:

Image 2020-04-25 at 6.45.23 PM

But it doesn’t work – unfortunately, I get a “Cross-origin request blocked” error in the console when I load a page with that CSS:

(Sorry for the very smol image.) Does anyone have any advice? I’m stuck.

Do you have the DISCOURSE_ENABLE_CORS in your app.yml as suggests the description?

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Not sure – is there a way to check? (I’m on a hosted instance of Discourse, so I can’t look at the config files directly.)

Edit: I emailed our hosting provider to see if that’s the problem.

Update: my hosting provider confirms that DISCOURSE_ENABLE_CORS is set to TRUE.

So, I’m still baffled.

I just tried this, just like you described, on a site with a CDN setup and it worked. So, I think this might be limited to your site.

I think the DISCOURSE_ENABLE_CORS setting is the inverse of what you want. Adding domains to that setting will allow requests from those domains access to your Discourse domain, not the other way around.

What you want is to allow requests from your Discourse domain to get access to the file on your CDN. I think your CDN is blocking those requests. You can confirm that by running something like this in a terminal window, after you change the values of course.


If everything is setup correctly, you should see something like this in the response headers

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
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