Create a complete color scheme based on one seed color

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I recently discovered this very handy Bootstrap utility:

It lets you set a single “seed color” and from that it makes you a complete color scheme. I think “anyone can be a designer” features like these could be really valuable for a forum, as it makes it very easy for anyone to style their forum to their liking - in accordance with style standards determined by Discourse - which in turn reduces the “every Discourse forum looks the same” effect.

The color theming system is a great first step, but your average forum admin will not have the design sense (or patience) to make a good looking and readable forum design.


We are planning for @awesomerobot to come up with a set of about 5 default built in color schemes for people to choose from, using the EZ themer.


Any update to this? There still is only 1 color scheme built-in.

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Sure, if anyone has any color theme sets to contribute, post them here – that’s the first step!

Here is a starting point


Tried out a Green-Beige color scheme:

Secondary: #f0ece4
Tertiary: #E2AA32
Header Background: #17A768
Header Primary: #111111

To get black header icons instead of grey ones and a pretty link color I used this in the custom CSS:

.d-header .icons .icon {
    color: #383838;

.d-dropdown a {
    color: #17A768;

.a {
    color: #0DAD46;

What I still need to change is the color of the “Star” “Share” etc buttons to maybe a white.


There are a ton of online tools that do this. is one that generates 5 color sets.