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First, forgive me for any faux pas included in this post. First time requesting something like this.

I’m the staff Lead Forums Moderator for a nonprofit who will be switching to Discourse beginning in our main event in the fall, from a custom Ruby solution. We have a solid installation going with testing, and we’re doing a total overhaul on the website itself, which is pulling much of the attention of our dev team.

I need a simple, colors-based theme for our site that more or less matches the styling of the new site. No fancy coding, we’re quite content with Material Design Theme as our base, we just need the colors to match ours. My CSS knowledge is over a decade old, and it’s been so long since I’ve coded anything, I can’t recall how, or I’d do it myself.

Raw user testing data states the default theme is too bright. I’ve installed a number of dark themes on our installation, but we’d like to have one branded theme that’ll be the default and users can select from there.

Quotes will help me go to the team with a proposal to get the work done, but are not a guarantee. It entirely depends on what wiggle room they have in the budget, and if I can convince them it needs doing. No work will be requested of you until I have a firm offer in hand. I just really need to have an idea of what will be required to get this done. We’re more than happy to have it publicly available for all on GitHub if that’s simpler/cheaper.

Launch is in September, aiming to have the theme done by end of August.

You can see our current site here, which will give you an idea of the sorts of colors you’d be working with.

Have you noticed the ability to alter colors from the admin panel? You can find those here: /admin/customize/colors

If that doesn’t serve your purpose, I might be able to help out. You can reach me at hello@procourse.co.

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I have, yes; I can change a few things, but I"m not happy with the results! I’ll send you an email.


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