Create a new Topic in one category > change categories > new category is not displayed

  1. I clicked on Create a new Topic when I was in one category

  2. I chose a different category to post in

  3. After selecting the new category, it does not display in the category field

If I create this topic, it will be in the category I selected, but visually Discourse doesn’t tell me that’s true.


Oh dear this is definitely a repro-able bug @sam @joffreyjaffeux we need to prioritize a fix here quick next week.


I don’t get step 2 though. This is supposed to be scoped to the current category you were in (and from my test, this is the case).

So how can you choose a different parent category in step 2? I’m missing something here.

EDIT: Ok I get it, seems like search is not getting scoped to current category. (and for some reason my first attempt didnt show this)


Sorry about this, should be fixed by:

Thanks for detailed report! :heart:


Did you mark this one for backport to stable?

No because I will merge it Monday, but I will backport it at this time :+1:


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