Create a tag with a period


I’m trying to create a tag that has a period in it (such as 1.0), but no matter what I try it ends up as 10. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

Tags generally only support underscores and hyphens — most other punctuation will be stripped out.


We have a couple already with a period CircleCI Discuss (such as 2.0 and circle.yml) I’m stumped as to how they came to be. Both are at least 1 year old, any chance this behavior changed?

Good question… we’ve been stripping punctuation from tags for over a year, so I’m not sure how those would have been created. Maybe @neil has an idea?

It’s been removing periods since 14 Oct 2016, and probably before that because the commit where it was last touched is called “loosen restrictions on chars in tags”. Maybe the tags were loaded from a script into the db or some other way outside of the UI. Interesting that it seems to be working… :thinking:


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