Tag shows up in Tag list, but 404s when clicked

So we have a tag which we can’t select to see all the posts associated because it displays the 404 page every time.

My assumption is that is because it has a extension as the tag name (circle.yml), but I can’t remove it because the tag page for it doesn’t come up.

Is there any remedy for that?

I have tried to create a circle.yml tag on my test site to test out its limitations/workarounds, but it seems it will automatically change it to one without the full stop. Can I ask how you created this tag initially? That may point us to a way to edit it in the same manner.

Periods in tags have been disallowed for a while now. You can fix it via the rails console:

ssh in to your server, then:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
tag = Tag.find_by_name("circle.yml")

If you want to fix it, take the id returned from the above and substitute it into the ?? below. NEWNAME is whatever you want the fixed tag to be called.

Tag.where(id: ??).update(name: "NEWNAME")

Alternatively if you just want to destroy the tag click the text below, I’ve blurred it as some users have a habit of pasting blindly:



Looks like these tags are also broken:


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This is a legacy tag which was created likely before the fix.

We are on a Discourse hosted plan, so I’ll ping support to resolve. Thanks all.


doesn’t it show up on the /tags page? Ah yes, but you can’t edit it there…

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