Compose a new pre-filled topic via URL

Discourse now supports composing a new (pre-filled) topic via URL! To compose a new pre-filled topic, modify URL params like this:,planned

This will open composer window pre filled with topic title, body, category and tags.

Try it out live, here on meta! :smile:

Also, instead of providing category/subcategory name, you can also specify a numeric category_id, like:

This feature also supports “Start a topic by pasting a link (like Reddit)”, provided that the body is not present, for example:

Want to compose a pre-filled personal message instead? See: Compose a new pre-filled personal message via URL

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Great feature!

Is it possible to include variables like a pre-filled username ?

e.g.: set the Topic Title to “Hi! I am %username%” which will output “Hi! I am Erik Molenaar!

Thanks for listening!


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Apologies for bumping post.
Is there u chance to pass param to composer open in full screen mode ?


hmm I am not against adding an option here


Hello, was this question addressed? Thank you!


Nope… Unfortunately not

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There was a question over here: How to open reply window via URL that referred to this topic.

Is it possible top open a reply window to a specific topic via URL parameter? or is it only possible to start new topics via URL parameter?

Would it take a lot of extra work to make this possible, if it’s not already?

In that other topic I offered some suggestions of why this would be valuable for us.

I see this as being especially valuable when just getting a community started by simplifying the “ask” that we have of some brand new members.

Once they’ve created a reply, they will get notified when replies come to that thread, thus pulling them back into the community, which will incentivize them to get more active. But we want to minimize the barriers to entry as we try to help new members get engaged in the community.


When you create a /new-topic?category=something the current page is /c/something.

Is there any way to make it render the /tag/something page when creating a /new-topic?tags=something?

Is this something that would get accepted as a PR or is this possible in a custom plugin?


Definitely. PR is 100% welcome!


I’m facing an issue: the tags parameter isn’t working on the mobile devices I tried using Chrome, while category works just fine. The tag field isn’t pre-filled.

Any idea why this could be happening?


Hi, I didn’t know about this feature, I like the idea. It can pretty much replace a support ticket system is well done.

Does anyone know if the fullscreen option has been implemented?

It seems not, since I digged a little bit, and this feature is probably managed in routes

But I wanted to ask to be sure. It’s not a necessity at all, was mostly curious.