"Create" Permission

I would like to get a special permission for just “Create.”

Essentially, this would be used to create a special “Support Ticket” category, where users can post support tickets and see them, but not other tickets.

It would act a little like this concept, but it would not allow others to see threads that don’t belong to them.

Could this happen one day?

Why? I do not understand the purpose of this.

  • Create a category and set permissions so only that user or group can see it


  • Send a private message, then only the creator and the recipients can see it

Can you describe the use case with a couple specific real world examples?

There are many topics covering similar requests. You can see many of these topics linked to the first post here:

The ideas Jeff offered above are probably the best options for now.

There was also some recent activity in the ‘Create and See’ which offers some home better group messaging for other improvements that seem to have support from the core team in the future:

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Essentially, I’d like to create a “Support Ticket” category for my forum.

Anyone may open up the “Support Ticket” category and see all of their past tickets. Admins or members of the “Support” group would be able to help people out with their various problems, while keeping tickets private.

I’d prefer something like this over PMs because this would just be more organized and more easily searchable. Plus, it will allow users to see only support requests in a single place.

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