Create topic using API

Hello I use Integromat service and want to create new topics using the dicourse api,

Now I have tried a few things in Integromat and nothing helps, I get no error message the message I get is that everything worked and no errors, so I need to see a new topic on my forum, but there is no new topic…Here how I did it.

Integromat service suggested to ask here on the forum maybe someone can see the problem in my configuration.


The screenshots look like you’re creating a personal message there, rather than a regular topic. Did you check the messages section of the discourse1 and discourse2 users?

Also, you should not include the topic_id if you are trying to create a new topic.


sorry I send the wrong Image it is of course like this,

  "title": "string",
  "raw": "string",
  "category": 0,
  "created_at": "2017-01-31"