Creating a paid discourse forum

Hi there. I’m looking for some guidance on how to set up my forum to accept paid memberships.

I have my forum set up to ‘invite only’. Is there a ‘typical’ way to set up a page to accept payment prior to setting the invitation?

I know I can set up an external page (separate from Discourse) and put a ‘buy now’ button, etc. on there, but I’m not sure how to trigger an invitation getting sent from Discourse?

I hope to learn how others have done this before I wire something together that’s not at all elegant. :slight_smile:

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I would suggest looking into the Patreon plugin in:


Patreon is pretty easy to set up. Memberful also makes it pretty easy to set up. If you’re self-hosted and can install plugins, ProCourse Memberships 💸 is another option that doesn’t send your users to a third party to pay and log in (you’ll still need something like Stripe or Paypal to take their money, of course). Finally, if you like WordPress, it’s possible to use some WordPress membership thing and have it update groups in Discourse.


Thanks Jay and Robin. There’s plenty of options here. I feel I have a path to follow. I’ll give a full report once I get something set up!