Creating a test or garbage category

Topics and posts created in this category;

  • Not included in notifications.
  • Pages such as recent posts, categories will also not appear.

Is this a special request or can it be done with the current settings?

I think you’re looking for either default categories muted in the admin settings (which will mute the notifications and visibility in the Latest, etc lists. Though these can be overridden personally by a user)

Or alternatively, you could use the Category Security tab in the category wrench to limit which groups or trust levels can see the category at all:


You can create the category and set it to ‘Muted’? Seems simple enough unless I’m missing something

Thanks. Is it possible to set the topics created in this category not to appear in search engines?

change the category security, remove everyone and add TL1


I set TL1. But the topic still appears on the homepage. Is it possible to set the topics not to appear on the homepage?

You could default mute it (as above), or change the group/trust level security to make it visible to fewer people.

If you can tell us a bit more about what you’re trying to achieve people may have more suggestions? What’s this garbage category for, and who needs access?

you would also need to exclude the category from the digest mails as well.


This category is for them to create test topics. just like try discourse.

But users should only be able to view these topics from the category.

I found this plugin

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Thank you so much for everything. That’s it. All have been successful.

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