Creating an API key for RSS reader due to login required?

Thanks in advance for any insight and advice.

I have a user who is trying to use the RSS reader “Feedbin” to view the latest posts in my Discourse forum.

This user recently asked…

Apparently because MFCC is using Discourse with authentication required, for me to read posts via RSS you’ll need to generate an API key for me (which is basically a per-user key that allows someone to do operations over HTTP without being directly logged in).

Would it be possible for me to supply this user with an API key that would suit his needs?

At first glance it appears I already have 1 API key which is probably being used to connect my Wordpress site with Discourse, and that I do not have the option to create any others keys.

I appreciate any words of wisdom. :v:

  1. go to settings and search for user api, click Allow generation of user API keys`

  2. go to the user’s profile, click the admin button and scroll down:

Push that button :slight_smile:


Great, thank you!

I will give that a try.