Creating basic tests\exams with markdown?

(DenisD) #1

We run small community in Russia for expert discussion on state property regulation based on Discourse.

there is a need to create online test\exams section on it(very much close to paper-based one). Instead of considering something like edx, we think on using some DS+plugin functionality just for that. Before hiring someone for developing that it would be good to have some insights on feasibility of such appproach.

We think about the following flow

  1. Markdown implementation, allowing single choice and multiple choice is engabled by potential plugin, syntax might be close what edx is using (single option:
    edx-platform/multiplechoice.yaml at 0438878ab96e8be21c4f75fa3979c4eb5b491543 · edx/edx-platform · GitHub

multiple options:

  1. then the test author creates the test template (with right answers), not visible to audience
  2. then the test is sent as identical wiki PMs to audience (manually, just by coping it)
  3. people take test by going through checking checkboxes.
  4. After deadline, author is checking the answers PMs one by one (potentially by using diff with template, so - its very much manual)

We wouldn’t use something like poll plugin as it doesnt match to correct answers, basic additional markdown syntax sounds ok for such task. Any thoughts for such approach are very much appreciated.

Besides the markdown implementation there is also open question how to “lock” answers from authors after deadline.

We appreciate any feedback for that, many thanks.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but it certainly sounds like it’d be easier to fork the polls plugin and extend it to your needs rather than building something new from scratch.

(DenisD) #3

thanks, Thats one of our option as we also might consider, the question is what will be more efficient either to fork the poll plugin or checkbox plugin.

when using polls the amount of voters are seen as well as the result (which makes it no usable for exams, we are aware of partial solition:

this is not suitable as is), also there is no chance to make revision comparision to right answer as with checkboxes

Very much appreciate additional feedback on that also from @cpradio and @downey THANKS