Ability to Hide Poll Results

Our community would like to host a competition where users would vote for winners using a poll. However, you can just click “Show results” and you can see who’s winning, this might influence your decision. So is there a way to make results show at a certain time, or make them public manually at a given time? This would also be nice if we were to have a trivia quiz or something like it.


This has come up before, so this is a duplicate, but the only way I know of (and this impacts staff too), is to use CSS

So post the topic with the poll, grab the topic id and put this as a custom stylesheet for both mobile and desktop (43 being the topic id)

section[data-topic-id="43"] .toggle-results { display: none }

Ok, sorry about that. Can you direct me to the original thread?

Man, that took a while to find (seriously! I had to change my search criteria a dozen times before I found it).


Ah thanks, I was surprised that this wasn’t suggested before:)