Creating multiple users with the same email

I’m working on a discourse project that needs a bot account to create topics. The plan is to use a free site-to-RSS service to look for changes in another site and use the Discourse RSS plugin to create the topics.

If I decide I want different bot accounts (eg “site1bot”, “site2bot”, etc), would I need to furnish each account with a unique email? Is there a way to have multiple accounts using the same email?Can I assign them a bogus email address on my domain (eg “”) and bypass the email authentication as an admin?

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Not sure about same email as that might create conflicts if logging in.

But yes you can definitely use bogus email addresses… Just goto the Bot user profile as Admin/mod and manually activate the account.

I did this for a test user as once you have been admin/mod for a time you forget what a regular user sees and changes one makes may work for an elevated account but not a norm.