Create User Button

At the moment it is not possible to create a new User from Administration > Users.
Please add a Button to create a new User from the Admin Pannel. This new User creation bypasses checks like the “reserved usernames” setting.


What? You don’t “create” users, they sign up.


for example I will create a AutoMod User for automated tasks but over the sign up methode it is not possible because the word “mod” is on the reserved usernames list.

And over the normal sign up methode i must create also a Mail Adress for this Bot Account.

You can change a username after they are signed up.

I suggest using plus-addressing ( to manage such accounts. You may of course turn off email for the user.


This is a good workaround but not a clean solution. Is it possible to verify this Mail Adress from the Administration panel.

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I don’t recall, I just create a new account as usual and follow the instructions. I think it is a link in an email.

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You can send a test email to the address you create by going to Admin/Emails in your Dashboard, fill in the address at the lower left, then click on “Send Test Email”.
If the test wasn’t received, go to Emails again and look in the Bounced and the Rejected tabs to see if any message has bounced or been rejected (bad address, undeliverable, etc.).

Ok but i don’t can set the mail adress to “no_email” like the system user.