CSS failing to apply when settings changed on theme components

It appears there is a small bug that may have been introduced with the theme/component split.

Normally when you change a theme setting that affects the CSS, you can immediately see the change, even without refreshing. This is still working correctly with themes.

The bug occurs when you change a theme setting that affects the CSS on a theme component that has been added to a theme. The CSS does not change, even with a refresh. The only way to trigger the change is to go into the CSS/HTML of the theme component and make a manual change.

I’ve created a small theme component that might help for testing. Theme-Creator does not allow you to add components to themes, so you will need to download it and try it out a test site in order to see the bug.

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything!


@Osama can you have a look at this?


Good catch @tshenry, fixed in:

Thanks for reporting and for the component, it helped with debugging :slight_smile:


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