CSS is not reflecting


I have added a css which is not reflecting even though I’ve saved it. Can someone help me with this? Please go through the attached screenshot.

Thank you in advance!


Instead of putting this in the <head> tag section wrapped in a <style> tag, you should put it in the CSS tab like so:

  • Elaborating on this:

    Styles in the <head> tag section can apply, but they have lower priority. If you have styles in the <head> tag section and styles in the style section, the style section will take priority and override your changes, as the head tag is loaded earlier. Later is considered more !important.

  • Another thing to check for is:

    • If this is a theme, make sure the theme is checked as Enabled.

    • If this is a theme-component, make sure under the theme-component settings “Include component on these themes” has your active theme selected.


@tynaut Thank you so much for the help. It perfectly working.


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