CSS selector for the Category Page Latest Post column?

I need to remove the border on the bottom of the Latest Posts column of the main Category Page.

The following doesn’t work:
div.latest-topic-list-item:last-child {border-bottom-style: none;}

For some reason this is the only list not structured as a table, just DIVs, which makes it more difficult to style with CSS.

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Instead of last-child (which it isn’t) try going backwards skipping one. eg.

#list-area .categories-and-latest .column .latest-topic-list .latest-topic-list-item:nth-last-child(2) {
background-color: #f00; } 

I imagine at least half of those selectors can be safely removed, but I’ll leave it to you to do the tweaking.


yes, it works! thank you so much @Mittineague.

.latest-topic-list-item:nth-last-child(2) {border-bottom-style: none;}

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Is the .latest-topic-list selector still available? I’m trying to remove certain posts from the home page (“latest” view only) with CSS (long story), but I’ve been having trouble finding a selector that can target just the home page.

This works, but it hides the posts on other views too:

[data-topic-id="123"] {
    display: none;

Something like this would be perfect, but I don’t see the .latest-topic-list selector (or any unique selector for the latest topic view) on the page:

.latest-topic-list [data-topic-id="123"] {
    display: none;