How to hide the last post date on homepage

Is there a setting to hide the last post date on threads on the homepage? E.g when it says 1d for example.

Or is custom CSS needed for this?

Are you talking about the entire Activity column?


This depends on what page you are using as your homepage, @SForum

The homepage is configurable.

Which homepage are you using?

If you are using the “categories” page as the home page, then you can try this CSS:

 div.topic-stats > div.topic-last-activity{
     display: none:

Yes that’s what I mean

I’m using the latest posts

Here ya go, @SForum, some CSS just for you, for the “Latest Posts” page to hide the relevant activity classes (elements):

Narrow CSS:

thead > tr > th.activity.sortable.num,td.num.age.activity{

You could simplify this a bit, if you wanted you wanted to be “broader” with your selector , but I generally like to use narrow selectors (like in the CSS above), to avoid unanticipated consequences:

Broader CSS:

thead > tr > th.activity,td.activity{