Curate a custom RSS Feed?

I’ve recently connected my rss feed to a twitter digest, which works beautifully as intended. It now has me wondering if I can create my own rss feed somehow that has a few basic filters for curation, particularly to only pull from certain categories?

I’m currently using the top.rss, and would rather it not also include the topics posted in my own “meta/help” section of the site.


You can use rss like:

…and so on.


or even


Ah, so I’m very particular about not wanting to share every single topic/post to social media. I love that there is an rss of for the Top posts, but it will include those meta conversations as well. On the other hand, the category specific RSS feeds include every topic, no matter how pointless or mundane.

There’s not by chance a top per category is there?

Edit: I see that I can sort by “top” within specific categories - i’m crossing my fingers now that there is an rss feed (that I can’t find).

I would use a tag, configured so only you can add it to posts. To change order they appear in I think you could update the date of posts.


That’s a cool idea, but does Discourse create an RSS feed of each tag?

Just to be clear about my prior question as well - Discourse has a “Top” filter for each category - is there no RSS feed available for this as well?

Yes there are RSS feeds for tags. But no Top for a tag.


Ok, this will be a great solution - thank you all!