Need RSS feeds for the Top rated topics

Hi, I’m running a WordPress site Currently I’m using the latest.rss feed to generate a short list for what’s happening in the forum on our WordPress based homepage.

It would also be nice to to have RSS feeds for the Top rated topics, so our user can know what’s hot in the forum.

Currently following links returns nothing:

I’m new to discourse so if there’s other way to achieve this, please also let me know.

Many Thanks

@zogstrip we should make this work, all the “main” top level nav should have equivalent rss.


Thanks and I’ll keep tracking and give it a try once it’s done.

This would be immensely useful. I would basically be able to create widgets and pull latest posts in each category to be displayed on my site.

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Latest New Unread Starred Categories Top

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Any word on this? I would love to have RSS for Top topics as well.

I’d love to have a crack at this if you haven’t started yet @zogstrip :smile:

UPDATE: Ah, right. There are RSS feeds for latest topics and topics within a category, but the rss format doesn’t quite lend itself to top topics because the order of the feed can change over time (i.e. posts can swell or drop in popularity, which won’t be reflected in the feed short of them being published twice.)

One possible solution could be to publish a periodic [weekly? daily? Controllable by site setting?] rss feed of top topics, which would be an aggregate of the most popular topics for that day/week. I’d be happy to work on something like this, but would probably need a little support spec’ing it out a little.


There are already pages for

True the order is likely to change, shorter time periods more so than the longer, but as best as I can tell by the RSS feeds I’ve looked at so far they have always been “current”.
That is, they are created upon request and not on a schedule. i.e. not “published” per se.

Or am I missing your point?

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How are you getting to an rss feed of those pages, @Mittineague? I just see a blank page when hitting say (status 406 - Not Acceptable)

Sorry, I meant “pages”, not that there were feeds for them.

yes, that’s what I get now too.

But it seems extending whatever is doing the RSS stuff for the other pages that have feeds should be possible for them as well, but maybe not, I haven’t looked into it yet.

In any case, if the “top” pages had feeds, I don’t see why they couldn’t be called like the other feeds and return “currently” leaving the polling to be done by the site using them.

Would indeed love to have an RSS feed for our “Top - Week” topics.

And an overview of available RSS feeds would also be incredibly nice.

Well, the first step with that, in order to comply with the RSS spec, would be being able to ask “What did the Top topics look like at <past date>?”.

Yeah after thinking about this a bit more, Top is not amenable to an RSS feed at all.

Hmm, true. I guess a widget à la Twitter/Facebook might eventually be the way to go.

Have there been any developments on this? Thank you.

Did we eventually do this? I can’t recall @techapj, but /top won’t be very stable for RSS as it does change, that’s true.

Yes, we do have RSS feed for Top topics now:

Discourse Meta - Top topics (depends upon top page default timeframe)
Discourse Meta - Weekly top topics
Discourse Meta - Monthly top topics
Discourse Meta - Quarterly top topics
Discourse Meta - Yearly top topics