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I’m working on the last bit for my hosting company, and need a list of working and wanted plugins to be included in the web management panel. I’m trying to keep this simple and easy, having a checklist form that people can submit to reconfigure their instances with new plugins. Need a list of the ones which are working and desired by people.

Anyone who is using plugins on 1.3+ discourse please reply to let me know which ones are working.

Thanks in Advance!

Initial List:

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I posted in that category this morning :slight_smile:

Have a list right now with 6 or 7 verified working, but thought it easier to get input from people who have had running experience with plugins over the long haul.

It doesn’t really matter too much how many we start off with, I can build them over time. Just thought to ask the community to fast track the list.

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Can you post that list? I can just go through each post and look at the latest reply to see if they got it successfully running if you want.

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Here is a few more that I found:

Verified working

Verified working

Verified working

Offical plugin, working

Should be working but with a few bugs bugs

Dont know if this one works

Dont know if this one works

Dont know if this one works

Dont know if this one works

Dont know if this one works


I’m pretty sure the mathjax is dead, at least it wasn’t working on a friends install. I think the gitlab is having issues as well, but would want someone else to comment on that one.

Thanks, it’s good to have a central listing for people of which ones are working or not. I can modify my OP if more participants come in, so we could perhaps make this into a more generalized, periodically updated listing for the community.

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I strongly object to this topic, if any plugins are broken in the official plugin category flag it as such, leave a comment or whatever.

We don’t need 76 lists of officially working plugins

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