Cursor jumping around in composer / editor text box

ok i did manage to reproduce it in safe mode and this time i used the select to edit function but on a long block of text to bring up the editor. it doesn’t happen every time i try to edit or post. right now, the cursor is jumping to the top of the post when the mouse moves over an element like a button or the editor tool bar. even if i am way down in the text body, it jumps up to the top. but sometimes it seems to happen just as i enter the text (in mobile view it does this). very odd because it’s inconsistent. even if i select text in the editor, the cursor is deselecting and moving to another place at times.

for example, if i select some text to make a link via the link button, the link is created at the top of the page with no text in it, instead of around the text i selected. it’s jumping when i mouse over the link button but before it’s clicked. and this is in safe mode. it’s odd because it doesn’t happen right away. the behavior of the cursor may be normal at first in the editor, but after making a few changes, it suddenly starts moving to different places on the page.