Cursor positioning inconsistency when inserting images

Here is how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start typing a new topic.
  2. At some point press Ctrl+V to insert a large image from clipboard.
  3. While the progress bar showing per cent uploaded is counting, move to the topic name and start typing a topic name
  4. While you’re typing the topic name, the image finished uploading and the cursor unexpectedly gets moved next to the inserted <img> tag. If typing fast, you’ll almost always end with a few symbols from the topic name typed after the <img> tag before you notice it and stop typing.
  5. And anyway, it’s distracting - why should the cursor move at all without my intention to do so.

A variation of this issue would be to place the cursor somewhere in the text and start typing (right after pressing Ctrl+V). When the image download is finished, the <img> tag will be inserted right in place where your cursor is currently located, not where it was when Ctrl+V was pressed.

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Yeah its a bit annoying can not be 100% fixed but can be way improved …

Can not be fixed:

  1. Type: “hello world”
  2. Upload image
  3. Delete “world”, type "america, before upload is done
  4. No sane spot to put image.

I guess best we can do is track cursor position when people start uploading image, then paste it there (in the first empty space after that original position.)