Custom avatar cannot be displayed

I use bunny CDN for my website and s3 object storage acceleration respectively. Everything works well together. However, bunny has a security setting service: Allowed Referrers, which is used to prevent others from maliciously hosting files. When I add only my site, all links to the site open only through my site, which works fine. However, when a user uploads an avatar, the thumbnail is displayed normally after the upload is complete. The link is also successfully uploaded to s3, but the avatar is not displayed properly after clicking on save avatar.
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The error log does not record anything. I added to the list of Allowed Referrers:

I have found the reason, when setting Allowed Referrers only this problem will appear, after canceling the setting and re-uploading the avatar will be displayed normally. So I guess the Allowed Referrers feature blocks the image from s3 storage when saving avatars. But I have added whitelist for the site, which makes me wonder. I then tried adding the CDN link to the whitelist at
Still no help!I need the Allowed Referrers function, there are other ways to achieve it, but I am not a professional person, bunny one-click operation is suitable for me.

I don’t speak English, so the questions and descriptions seem confusing, sorry

This problem has been bothering me for a few days, and I’m still looking for an answer. I just found out that the avatar will not be displayed after uploading and saving after turning on Allowed Referrers, but after canceling Allowed Referrers, there is no need to upload again, and the avatar will be displayed normally after waiting for a few minutes to refresh the site. So probably Allowed Referrers is blocking the avatar from the s3 storage pull file.How to solve this? :blush: