Custom Buttons with own functions

Is there a way for me to add my own buttons in the header (appearance like the icon header links), but write my own function behind it?

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You should be able to use a theme component for this. Here is a pre-built one:

If you need it to run your own function, you can create your own theme component using the custom header links component as a starting point.


When I do this, the button doesnt show up on the header. It shows up at the bottom left of the screen. Any reason why this might be happening and how to fix it?

Hi this doesn’t work because the placement of the button happens on the bottom left rather than the header. How do I fix this?

Which theme component have you installed? And how have you configured it?

I installed the Custom Header Links theme. What does it mean to configure it ?

I added my own html, not sure if that is related to configuring it .