Custom fields alignment on user profile

(Coin-coin le Canapin) #1

Here’s the profile of one of my users:

I feel that would be better like this (I added an overflow: hidden;):

What do you think?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Worthy of a pull request :wink:

(Coin-coin le Canapin) #3

It seems that the bio div also have an overflow hidden for this purpose. On the profil on my screenshot, there is no bio to push down the custom fields so this happens. I guess only adding this overflow hidden on the comment fields div on the profile page would do the trick. I might do a pull request after a good, sweet night (late here! :fr: ). :slight_smile:

(Coin-coin le Canapin) #4

What would be better? Make it to the right of the avatar like my first suggestion (as the bio div also does), or make it under the avatar like this?

In both cases, the custom fields will go under the avatar when a bio is present, like this:

(Alan Tan) #5

thank you @canapin

Merged in

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