User Profile View - Expand Functionality


I was wondering if there was a reason that the expanded view of the user’s profile doesn’t right-align, here’s a snippet from my own on our hosted solution;


Here’s an example from my profile on meta (using some default text);

The information typed into the profile seems a little squashed and I can’t think of a good reason why this may be. This tends to then having a scroll bar situation for longer profiles where, if the space on the right were used, there would be less lines (potentially) to have to scroll down through.

Looking at the CSS for the bio class it has a max width of 750, disabling this allows the text to flow to the edge quite nicely.

Any thoughts? Something I’m missing?


Related to this, over time I have grown to greatly dislike the animated “sliding” effect of viewing user profiles @Johani and @awesomerobot so maybe we could tweak this a bit for 2.3.


Agreed. I think user profiles need some love in general. There’s a decent amount we can improve there.


Thanks for the replies and, if I may, one other minor thing I have experienced and have had to try to work around with is the visibility of the mini-profile card too and what is displayed in it.

Because only a little of the text is shown, say from the Latest view when you click on a profile icon, I’ve had to think of ways to almost write some kind of hook which would encourage people to click in and read more. That’s quite challenging when you can’t control the functionality or layout very much (as a user).

I understand that t it needs to be mini but having something native that encourages users to click in further to read more would be quite nice. I’m not 100% convinced that the further click on the profile name is obvious enough to make users aware that they can even do it.

Jus thought I’d add this, I did raise it before in a separate topic but if there is going to be some love given I thought I would see if I could go full heart :heart:


You’d need to do a giant CLICK →HERE← TO SEE THE USER PROFILE button on the user card in a theme customization, and I believe in the theming system circa 2.2 it is possible.

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Hey Jeff,

I suspect that HUGE button would do the trick, that our a wet trout flying out of trh screen, slapping the face of the user, you know, just to raise awareness… :wink:

I was thinking of something perhaps slightly more subtle, as it only is really necessary on the mini-profile cards if/where the text gets truncated, a built in Read More… kind of thing which then took the reader to the main profile view and perhaps, as above, without the need to then click on Expand. Just a thought.

As I said, you can accomplish this in a theme component right now today if you want to.

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Many thanks. Would that be able able to avoid the need to click the Expand button too though, e.g the full profile would be visible when redirected through?

I think the text is already quite wide on your screen capture. If we would give it all the width of a big screen it would be really too much.
Narrow columns, not long lines, is how text is easier to read, isn’t it?

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I think that may depend on the medium and also the text in question though?

Presumably there is a reason that the profile text isn’t squashed into a narrow column of say 250px though?

To me, on that screenshot it looks either like a minor oversight with regards to the CSS, or, there was a plan/reason for that space in the red box being left for something, which may or may not have come to fruition. If it were by design, I’d have through the space on the right would be the same as the space on the left (the width of the profile image plus padding) to add some form of symmetry.

In the same area, Location and Website gets 892px.

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